Mark Davis Warwickshire Wedding Photographer | About

Hello, I am Mark, I am a wedding photographer based in Warwickshire who travels across the UK and abroad. I love creating photographs of people in a natural style bringing out the warmth, love and emotions of your wedding day.

My photography style is 'documentary' meaning capturing thoughtful images of you and your guests without any form of interference from me.  This results in images which truly capture the essence of the wedding as it unfolds.  I always like to take a few portraits though, just to make sure you have that traditional photograph and in any case, if there is a breathtaking backdrop in the vicinity, then why not include it?!  The trick is making sure this occurs without any fuss, in the minimum of time and without undue disturbance to you and your guests.

I take all my images in colour and then those that really lend themselves to black and white are carefully converted by me.  You end up with a balanced collection of photographs to remind you of the special occasion and for you to keep for future generations.  Take a look at my gallery page to see my style.